Help us connect people with poems as friends


“Sharing poetry as a vehicle for human intimacy”

Lennon, a visitor to The Poetry Exchange


In these disconnected and divided times, poetry is a place we can turn to for a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and with each other.

Through our conversations with people about poems as friends, The Poetry Exchange is nurturing and celebrating the closer listening, heartfelt understanding and deeply human connection that we all need so much right now.  


As a small arts charity, we need your support to continue gathering and sharing these extraordinary stories of connection between people and poetry. Currently, we are making careful plans to get The Poetry Exchange back on the road again – around the UK and beyond - to bring individuals and communities together in the company of poems.  

We know this is such a challenging time, so any gift you are able to make to The Poetry Exchange will make a vital difference to our work, celebrating the life-giving and connecting force of poetry in our world today.

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With our profound thanks and love,

The Poetry Exchange team​

“Poems as friends - so simple, so radical - I am changed."

A visitor to The Poetry Exchange

“The Poetry Exchange, is to my mind and ears, unique – a space where readers of poetry can describe, articulate – share – why a particular poem matters to them. It’s a way of talking about and thinking about poetry that takes it out of the academic and directly into people’s lives.”
Rishi Dastidar