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Help us to celebrate the poetry in people's lives


“Poetry is the considered word

coming from a place of considered thought”

Simon Armitage, UK poet Laureate. 


We believe poetry has a unique offer to make in our noisy and distracted world, and our work with Poems as Friends celebrates the act of close reading and conversation as a place of understanding and community. We need your help to continue our work; bringing people closer to themselves and one another through poetry. 


The Poetry Exchange is free for people to experience – from visiting our exchanges around the UK and worldwide, to listening in to these powerful stories of connection through our award-winning podcast. We want to keep access to all our work completely open in this way. 


To help us sustain our work, we are asking you –  our friends, followers, visitors, readers, listeners – to consider making a gift to The Poetry Exchange at this stage.

Any gift you make  - whether a single donation or monthly contribution - will make a genuine and significant difference to the work we do to celebrate the power of poetry in people’s lives. If you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking the button below.

Everyone who donates joins our list of close friends who we contact once a year with a special audio gift.

We are SO grateful for all the ways you support The Poetry Exchange – from listening to and sharing our podcast, to introducing us to the poems in your life, to passing on the friends that you meet along the way.

A huge THANK YOU for all your support.

The Poetry Exchange Team

“The Poetry Exchange, is to my mind and ears, unique – a space where readers of poetry can describe, articulate – share – why a particular poem matters to them. It’s a way of talking about and thinking about poetry that takes it out of the academic and directly into people’s lives.”
Rishi Dastidar

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