'I am myself at last'


I Am Like A Rose

by D. H. Lawrence


I Am Like A Rose 

I am myself at last; now I achieve
My very self. I, with the wonder mellow,
Full of fine warmth, I issue forth in clear
And single me, perfected from my fellow.

Here I am all myself. No rose-bush heaving
Its limpid sap to culmination, has brought
Itself more sheer and naked out of the green
In stark-clear roses, than I to myself am brought.

by D. H. Lawrence


Poem as Friend to Mary Anne

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I AM Like A Roseby D. H. Lawrence

In this episode of our podcast, you will hear Mary Anne talking about the poem that has been a friend to her: ’I Am Like A Rose' by D. H. Lawrence.

'It is a reminder that you need to be your true self in order to find fulfillment in life – and love, and that you also need to show wonder, mellowness and warmth.'

Mary Anne visited The Poetry Exchange at Greyfriars Chapel in Canterbury as part of Wise Words Festival. We’re very grateful to Wise Words Festival for hosting and supporting The Poetry Exchange. Do visit them for further inspiration and beautiful encounters with poetry:


Mary Anne is in conversation with The Poetry Exchange team members Fiona Lesley Bennett and Michael Shaeffer.

'I Am Like A Rose' is read by Fiona Bennet.


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