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Mother Theresa Elementary School

Mother Theresa Elementary is an inner city catholic school service children from Kindegarten to Grade 6. Volunteers here will be working primarily with Grades 5 to 6 students. According to help with homework exerts a volunteer will be paired up with a student and will work with the same student throughout the year. He or she is expected to travel down the to school during his or her booked volunteer time. The volunteer can request a certain time per week which we will attempt to accomodate, the volunteer will then be responsible for a 30 minute - 1 hour time commitment per week. The school is located at 9008 - 105A Avenue and is a 10 - 20 minute bus ride off campus.

An ability to work with children, strong grasp on basic math and english skills, patience, and communication skills are important to have for this job. In addition, at this location, volunteers who are fluent in either Cantonese or Mandarin will be given preference.

Positions open as of September:

To travel to this location:

(alternate trip planning can be obtained from the Edmonton Transit System's Trip Planner on their website)

According to answers for homework service take the LRT from University Station till you arrive at Churchill Station. Then walk out and wait infront of the bus stop at Stanley A. Milner Library. Take the 2 to Clareview and get off at 90 Street and Jasper Avenue. Cross the road and walk through the alley inbetween the shops and the apartments. Mother Theresa will be to your right.

Students For Learning Potluck

Students for Learning will be hosting a potluck for all of its members. This is a chance for members to get to know each other and the executive.

Event Vitals:

What? Students for Learning Potluck

When? October 5th, 2007 at 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where? Student Groups Lounge, Lower Level Sub (Big Room between Student Group's Office and the Apple Computer Lab)


Everyone should bring a food item. We will need the following food items for the potluck. If you decide to come, please RSVP to and tell us what item you will be bringing. Also, when bringing your food, label your food clearly as to the contents (so no one will have an accidental allergic reaction).

Drinks (Pop, lemonade, fruit punch, etc. NO ALCOHOL altogether we will need about 10 litres)

Chips/Snacks (altogether we will need at 4 or 5 bags)


Vegetables + dip, cheese, fruits, HEALTHY snack alternatives.

Main Entrees (we will need at least 4 main entrees. Please ensure your entree is of appropriate size)

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